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front covers Encylopedia of Tarot

Stuart R. Kaplan and Jean Huets | U.S. Games Systems, Stamford, CT

“If you love the tarot, if you are passionate about art… Volume IV [of the Encyclopedia of Tarot] will not only entice you to keep reading but will capture your attention for days as you peruse its pages and discover not only new cards but aspects of the tarot brought together by Jean Huets to further your study.” — Timeless Spirit magazine

Artists, occultists, collectors, and art historians find inspiration in The Encylopedia of Tarot. Lavishly illustrated with thousands of decks from all over the world, each volume stands alone, while adding to the story of the tarot as told over the centuries.

Volume I: An overall view of tarot and its history–and alternative histories. Amazon

Volume II: The late medieval / early Renaissance roots of tarot. Medieval symbolism of the trumps (Major Arcana). Antique decks from 15th through 19th centuries. Tarock. Identifying and dating tarot cards by back designs, makers’ marks, tax stamps, etc. Amazon

Volume III: Tarot in the 20th century–from teddy bears to “cat people” to Renaissance. Includes a biography of visionary artist Pamela Colman Smith, illustrated with her tarot and nontarot artwork.   Amazon

Volume IV: Wide-ranging interpretations of tarot in published and unpublished decks, mostly 20th and early 21st century. Special sections on Japanese decks, Rider-Waite decks, Tarot of Marseilles, and Egyptian-inspired tarots.  Amazon

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