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  • In Conversation: Bryan A. Crumpler with Jean Huets | The Brooklyn Rail
  • “Walt Whitman” Interview for Jewish history website “Sparks of History” | youtube (playlist of short segments of interview)
  • In Conversation: Poet Nina Murray, author of Alcestis in the Underworld and Minor Heresies, with Jean Huets of Circling Rivers, about poetry and publishing poetry | youtube
  • Introducing poet Bernard Horn, reading from his forthcoming collection Love’s Fingerprints at San José Poetry Festival 2020 | youtube (starts around 56 min.)
  • Dear Scarlett | Letters from Here to the Hereafter anthology, Monica Mastrantonio, editor
  • Interview about With Walt Whitman, Himself, for PBS series Write around the Corner | watch online
  • Pincushion Woman (poem) | The Brave & the Afraid anthology, Monica Mastrantonio, editor
  • Charlotte Mandell Lives Immersed in Words and Sound: The Millions Interview | The Millions
  • The Iron Brigade | The New York Times
  • Blood in the Carolina Hills | The New York Times
  • The Fall Line’s Fault | The New York Times
  • Boxers, Briefs and Battles | The New York Times | Reprinted in The Civil War Monitor, Spring 2013, vol 3, no. 1; and in The New York Times: Disunion book
  • Killing Time: Playing Cards in the Civil War | The New York Times | Reprinted in The Civil War Monitor, Winter 2012, vol 2, no. 4; and in The New York Times: Disunion book
  • A Quattrocento Crossroads | Fantasy magazine
  • Onward, Onward, Speeding Slowly | adapted from With Walt Whitman, Himself, in Womanthology: Writings on Women Worldwide, anthology edited by Monica Mastrantonio
  • Please Share My Umbrella | Kaleidotrope | “This one was nicely inventive and came to a good end.” – SFRevu


  • “A Palimpsest of Art and Memory: Pollak’s Arm by Hans Von Trotha” | The Rumpus
  • On Chasing Me To My Grave: An Artist’s Memoir of the Jim Crow South, by Winfred Rembert | On the Seawall
  • Unsettled Memories: First Person Singular, by Haruki Murakami | The Rumpus
  • Stranger in a Strange Land: Dave Eggers’s The Parade | The Millions
  • Karl Ove Knausgaard’s Seasons Quartet Is a Raw Journey through the Writing Process | The Millions

Historical Novel Society (HNS) book reviews

  • Waterfall, by Mary Casanova | HNS
  • This Side of Hell, by Brett Cogburn | HNS
  • The Lost Diary of Venice, by Margaux DeRoux | HNS
  • At Night All Blood Is Black, by David Diop | HNS
  • The Beauty and the Terror: The Italian Renaissance and the Rise of the West, by Catherine Fletcher | HNS
  • The Moon, the Stars, and Madame Burova, by Ruth Hogan | HNS
  • Cathedral, by Ben Hopkins | HNS
  • A Wild Winter Swan, by Gregory Maguire | HNS
  • The End of Drum Time, by Hanna Pylväinen | HNS
  • Before All the World, by Moriel Rothman-Zecher | HNS
  • Jeeves and the Leap of Faith, by Ben Schott | HNS
  • The Piano Student, by Lea Singer | HNS
  • The Mystic’s Accomplice, by Mary Miley Theobald | HNS
  • Olav Audunssøn: I. Vows, by Sigrid Undset, translated by Tiina Nunnally | HNS
  • Clockwork Gypsy, by Jeri Westerson | HNS

EVENTS 2021 (time zone Eastern USA unless otherwise noted)

  • June 26, 1:30 pm | online | The Tarot in Historical Fiction panel at Historical Novel Society Conference | info
  • May 10, 9:00 am | online | Presentation based on book With Walt Whitman, Himself, at Osher Institute, William & Mary | info (see page 38)


  • September 28, 9:30 am | online | Presentation based on book With Walt Whitman, Himself, at Osher Institute, William & Mary | info
  • September 13, 1:00 pm | via zoom | Introducing poet Bernard Horn, reading from his forthcoming collection Love’s Fingerprints at the Small Press Fair & EcoPoetry Panel, part of San José Poetry Festival 2020 | info
  • June 19, 10:00 am | online | Presentation based on book With Walt Whitman, Himself, at Osher Institute, University of Richmond | info
  • January 15 | Petersburg, VA |  Classroom visit to Appomattox Regional Governor’s School to discuss Walt Whitman


  • December 15, 1:30 pm | Richmond, VA | Signing at Chop Suey Books’ Brew-ho-ho! book fair. Hardywood Brewery, 2–5 pm. | info 
  • October 10, 2:15 pm | Fairfax, VA | Presentation on Walt Whitman at Fall for the Book festival, based at George Mason University. | info
  • August 9, 10, 11 | Huntington Station, Long Island | Opening presentation at the Walt Whitman International Conference. | info

Jean Huets

Jean Huets grew up in Germany and several of the United States, including Hawaii, Illinois, North Carolina, Maryland, and Virginia. She is author of With Walt Whitman, Himself, acclaimed as a “book of marvels” by poet Steve Scafidi, and as “a true Whitmanian feast” by Whitman scholar Ed Folsom. Her writing has appeared in The New York Times, Kenyon Review, Rumpus, The Millions, North American Review, Ploughshares, Civil War Monitor and other journals. She is also author of The Bones You Have Cast Down, a novel set in late medieval Italy and inspired by the true story of the Popess tarot card; Alt Sagas, speculative fiction stories; The Cosmic Tarot book, based on the tarot deck by German visionary artist Norbert Lösche; and, with tarot authority Stuart R. Kaplan, The Encyclopedia of Tarot. She co-founded Circling Rivers, an independent press dedicated to poetry and literary nonfiction. A member of James River Writers and National Book Critics Circle, she lives in central Virginia with her husband, a cat, and several accordians. 

Contact JeanHuets [at] gmail