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My article on the Bond Schoolhouse battle between Unionists and Confederate militia in Yadkin County, NC,  is published at The New York Times / Disunion The historic village of Rockford, North Carolina, is hosting a re-enactment of the incident March 2 through 3, 2013. Click link below for the flyer and full information. Maybe I’ll see you there!

Bond Schoolhouse re-enactment



  1. Brandon Haire

    I am currently researching family history of the Haire family and was not aware of my great great great grandfather’s sacrifice in the war. Abner also named his son Abner and from there the names went from John, Charles, Gregory, and then myself. The Haire family has kept fairly good records thanks to the Yadkin County Historical Society, but if you have any more information regarding family lineage please let me know!

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