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Hollywood Cemetery, Confederate flag, Civil War1866, Richmond, Virginia: “The Hollywood [Cemetery] Association observed May 31st as Memorial Day. Business was suspended, the stores closed, and the whole city turned out to honor the fallen heroes. The long procession started at 9 A.M. Besides a large number of vehicles and citizens on foot, the following [Confederate veterans’] companies were in line… The sight of these companies brought back many sad recollections. Many who a few years before paraded with them were now under the sod. Flowers were lovingly and tenderly placed upon 10,000 graves….”

The last generation with a living connection with the Civil War has passed away. The veterans of our country’s living generations, even our elders, are of the United States of America, north and south, east and west. Only a scattering of tattered “Stars and Bars” flutters on the old graves at Hollywood Cemetery.

SOURCE: Richmond: Her Past and Present, by W. Asbury Christian, 1912

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