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I just found “TaroticallySpeaking,” a tarot channel on youtube, which reviewed the Cosmic Tarot deck, by Norbert Loesche, my book The Cosmic Tarot, and Laura Clarson’s book The Cosmic Tarot: Signposts along the Path. The host (a very pleasant-voiced woman whose name I couldn’t find on her channel description) does what she calls a “flip through”; she flips through the cards or pages, the camera on her hands and the book or deck, with pauses to describe each section and her reactions. It’s informal and informative. (fyi, she flips through my book at 22:00 to 28:15.)

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“Overall this is one of the better books I have seen of this type. The author is obviously well versed on the subject of Tarot and has skillfully applied her knowledge to this deck. Highly recommended.” – Michele Jackson, Aeclectic Tarot

The Cosmic Tarot book is an inspiring interpretation of the tarot, and an ideal companion to the Cosmic Tarot deck by visionary artist Norbert Lösche.

Learn how each Major Arcana card has its place in The Cosmos, The Human Community, and The Individual.

The Minor Arcana cards unfold personal quests, hopes and fears, and loves, with special attention to relationships.

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